Dialpad for mobiles - SIP

Would be good to have a dialpad, I installed Ubunto on a Raspberry Pi 4, and installed Jami which I found on the internet a few days ago (great project!).
I’m not a programmer, but if someone can indicate where and what has to be changed to add a dialpad, maybe I can find a programmer and contribute back.
I plan ti use a touch screen and no keyboard, so a dialpad is really necessary for SIP calls to phone numbers.

Hi @mickymouse, the Android app has a dialpad for searching/adding contacts, but yeah it looks like the jami-gnome Linux client doesn’t provide a dialpad. Is there a touchscreen keyboard you can install on Ubuntu that has a dialpad?

for DTMF you have a keyboard. Click on “1” will send a 1 tone, etc
client-qt on GNU/Linux as a dialpad

Well right now I’m testing on mt television display on low res to simulate a mobile screen somewhat. I don’t have the small touch screen yet, which is what I would be using. The dialpad I assumed comes with whichever SIP client/app you have. I didn’t plan on having a numeric keypad like the old flip phones, but I would consider that for a “phone only” low-cost device.

Really? How do I acivate it? I’m running Ubuntu on Raspberry Pi 4

I made and receoved my first successfull SIP phone calls on a Raspberry Pi 4 (Ubuntu), 8GB RAM. Could not get Linphone working, and found this instead. Jami is friggin awesome! Can’t wait to get started on the peer to peer stuff.

I’d like more info on this. I saw somehwre else, someone was discussing qt vs gnome etc. Can I make my own dialpad with python qt? I’m not a programmer, but I do a lot of python scripting and systems integrations, but I’ll give it a shot.

I would be amazed if a dialpad doesn’t already exist that you could use.