Directly import the IP address of the contact person

In the dynamic IP internet, we open Jami and then Jami obtains the current network address of the contact from DHT.

After obtaining the network address, we can send a message to the contact person, as is the case with everyone.

DHT is an important medium for Jami to communicate normally, and Jami can only rely on DHT.

This brings us convenience, but I mean, maybe DHT is not flawless.

If DHT is banned by the government and the person in charge of the operating node is detained by the government, we will be greatly affected. Banning DHT servers is much simpler than banning Jami users.

I know Jami comes with a DHT node, but dynamic IP prevents this node from working like a normal node.

Therefore, my suggestion is whether Jami can support importing the IP addresses of contacts.

We use some email or third-party software to send IP addresses, and then import them into Jami. This way, even without DHT, Jami can still contact users in the address book.

At the same time, we can set up some prominent interfaces that allow us to copy the IP and ports used by Jami, while also allowing us to quickly import the IP addresses we obtained.

In this way, I believe it can greatly improve Jami’s anti-interference ability.

The following supplements:

We can encrypt the IP address into a segment of characters in a specific way.

For example, we add additional functionality to Jami’s search box, where when a specific character is recognized in the search box, the IP address contained in the character is automatically imported into the corresponding account.

This process is very simple and user-friendly.

Is this feasible.

I did not consider the situation with IPv4 because the existence of nat makes it naturally beneficial for government regulation, which is not good.
In IPv4, it is not possible to connect people normally, and stuns and turns are also easily regulated.
I hope someone can respond to me and take me out of the state of a standalone forum.