Do not disturb mode

Hi Jami,
Is it possible to add a do not disturb mode to the profile settings? Or would it even be possible to be invisible for others, when you’re in a call?
Happy to hear! Thanks!

Hi @Rozemarijn, which Jami app are you talking about, iOS, Android, Windows, or Linux? By “do not desturb” do you mean making Jami not send you notifications?

would it even be possible to be invisible for others, when you’re in a call?

You can turn your camera off with the “toggle mute video” button from a computer. Is this what you meant? The option might not exist on smartphones yet.

Hi @wrycode!
Thanks for your quick reply! Sorry I wasn’t clear :see_no_evil:. I mean in the app for Windows. And with the Do not disturb mode, I basically mean that I can’t be disturbed by others users when I’m in a call with someone. I noticed that I can’t change my status (the green “dot” on my profile picture), so I’m always online/available when my Jami app is open. Is it possible to show my other contacts that I’m in a call, so they can’t/won’t call or text me? When I’m in a meeting, I don’t like to recieve calls/messages from other users.
Hope this is understandable! I’m no tech expert :sweat_smile:

Totally understandable.

It’s not possible to use any custom status like that, you’re either online or offline. It is technically possible to stop announcing your presence to the network while you’re in a call, but none of the clients do this, and even if they did, your presence would ‘linger’ on the network for about 10 minutes, plus you wouldn’t be able to receive messages from others at all until you ended the call.

So I think the best solution, in this case, is a “do not desturb” mode like you described in the Windows client (Jami-QT), along with an option to turn on “do not desturb” during calls.

In the Linux Jami (on Debian here) I can selectively deactivate notifications for incoming calls, messages, invites. In the ‘general prefs’. version Jami Gnome “together” 2021-1-6.