Does jami work on your ipad?

Please tell if you have a working jami on an ipad? Did
you make certain settings in order to get jami
working? Thanks.

Yes Jami works on ipad for me. What does not work specifically?

for messaging another person installed jami on an ipad. I do not know about the
ipad and, which I have pointed out before, there are no detailed instructions about
installing jami on devices. For instance like this one:
Jami got installed on the ipad. But messaging did not work. Not when
sending a message from his jami ipad or me sending a message
from my jami pc. Later on he installed jami on a pc and messaging
worked between his and my pc.
Would you detail the settings in jami and on your ipad? Does
jami work using wifi?

I didn’t change any setting to make it work…

No settings should be changed. By default it has to work else it’s a bug (and log can help + version used both sides)

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