"Downloading conversation from peer"


I am stuck on “Downloading conversation from peer”.

This is the third time I’ve installed Jami in a four year span and each time when tell people my username and they invite me, I get stuck on “Downloading conversation from peer”

I really enjoy the vision however, it seems that it won’t work if it won’t work. The strange thing to me is that I don’t see many people with my issue yet I’ve had this issue each time I installed it. I only saw two other posts related to this topic and each “solution” did not work for me.

  • I am on Android and have even turned on all permissions on my phone for this app.
  • I’ve tried enabling TURN.
  • Tried enabling local peer discovery.
  • Tried enabling Stun.
  • Tried “syncing” with a video call like mentioned in the other thread on this topic (Stuck on “Downloading Conversation from Peer”).
  • When making a video or audio call, it just hangs up immediately after attempt.
  • Tried stopping and restarting the app.
  • Also, not using a VPN for this app.

There doesn’t really seem much else I can do so I come here and ask for any more advice.

During earlier attempts I saw a message that said there was “No Network Connectivity”. I do have connection.

I had this post in Developer forum and deleted because I think this forum is the more proper place to post.

We don’t need to hide it: the Android version of Jami is bugged and not reliable. And it is not to the same features level as the other platforms…

The only way I’ve found to get it update the display is to reboot the phone (full Android restart!).

Making a call needs multiple attempts, and most of the time having to signal (SMS, phone call, email…) the recipient first and having both side trying to reach each other. But when the call is established, usually it is generally reliable as long as you don’t try to change the video or to see the messages.

Actually contact requests are a known issue that hopefully will be fixed with the new updates:

And regarding the first call: In the past you had to wait 30 seconds after you see the green dot of your contact before you can make a call:

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