Dring process on linux

When I closed Jami on my linux system which includes the running Jami process I found that the process /usr/lib/ring/dring continued to run accessing the Internet. Why would this occur ?

I guess you’re using a outdated version?

Since Jami web site does not display the version how can a user determine the latest version of Jami before downloading?

I’m not familiar with MX linux… Try guix build (latest stable, not nightly) ?

The main website is https://jami.net/ how does a user get to the site you presented?

  1. Go to Download Jami for GNU/Linux
  2. Click the terminal icon, then copy “https://dl.jami.net/nightly/ubuntu_22.10/
  3. Go to Index of /nightly/ubuntu_22.10 , then go to root directory.
  4. Stable/ ⇨
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No. How is a user to know about the url https://dl.jami.net ? It is not listed on your main web site.