Echo in text messages

There was a strange occurrence with Jami while I was trying to use it. I think it is worth reporting here.

Several days ago I was trying to make a video call with Jami over the Internet (not within LAN) with a new account on the other side (not sure if the last part is related). The first call seemed to be OK (except pulseaudio on my side refused to get sound from microphone for some reason). After some unsuccessful tries to make pulseaudio work and eventual reboot, which helped, I tried to call again.

The second call was strange. I did not receive audio nor video from the other side (or maybe received audio stream was “empty”). I tried to send text messages without closing video call and… my messages were almost immediately returned back, as though they were sent from the account I was making a call with. The guy I was trying to talk with said later that he didn’t receive any text messages from me in Jami.

I have no idea what was that. Maybe someone was (successfully) testing hash collision attack (the possibility of which was mentioned in this thread)? Or some kind of replay attack? Or just a bug in the client software?

I used Jami client for Debian. It was jami-all:amd64 20210104.1.327afa2~dfsg1-1.

the other peer is a rdv point? If so, it’s a video conference and for now (until swarm are deployed), the conference master will send messages to all participants. Also the master will be detached so they will not send any video until they joined.

So not a bug or attack

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Bonjour @sblin ,
comme partager cette information et d’autres, après traduction, sur la partie francophone du forum, sans passer par un mail et en gardant le lien vers la conversation originale en anglais ?

No, the other peer is not a rdv point. At least, the account’s owner says so.

By the way, I didn’t find any account type indication in UI. Just created a new rdv point for test, and also did not find such an indication for my rdv account.

UPD: I found the checkbox in settings. Will ask the account’s owner if it is set on.

the behavior you said looks like it is. And I’m basically 99.999% sure it’s the case (or at least the call was a video conference), logs will say so. If a doubt occurs logs both sides will details what is going on.

But yeah, the echo messages are for video-conferences, because the master will re-send the messages for all participants until swarm chat.

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