Encryption optional?

What is the feasibility to make encryption optional?

I ask in regards to the Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network - AREDN.

Jami’s feature set seems perfect for this WiFi mesh network, but FCC regulates the Amateur Radio spectrum and no encryption can be used on these bands.

this is not the purpose of Jami.

We don’t plan to support any unencrypted system, nor radio

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Thanks for your reply!

I should have initially stated I am not requesting support, just a technical response as to the feasibility of disabling the encryption from the source code.

AREDN is a regular a WiFi TCP mesh that can (or cannot be) tunneled to the internet albeit without any interference from public consumer wifi (0.5 watts) so back haul links can travel much further (up to 1500 watts) and local data will flow faster.

I was looking at Fully self hosting Jami (#765) · Issues · savoirfairelinux / jami-project · GitLab and it seems like a nice fit for the mesh network.