Error unable to start jami-qt

I previously compiled jami-gnome from source but decided to switch to the build. So I removed my build and installed jami. I’m running on Fedora 34. But jami-qt doesn’t open, I get this error:
jami-qt: symbol lookup error: jami-qt: undefined symbol: _ZNK3lrc3api17ConversationModel11dataChangedEi
Has someone an idea on how to fix this issue? Thanks for your help!

this kind of error means that your lrc version on your system is bad (probably a missing artifact for your compiled version)

This symbol is defined here: src/api/conversationmodel.h · master · savoirfairelinux / jami-lrc · GitLab

So just correctly clean the installed files from your previous build and reinstall jami-qt after that.

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Thanks a lot for your answer!
To properly clean the installed files I did write make uninstall jami. Is this not enough?

I did forgot to run make uninstall from the lrc directory, now that I cleaned it up it works, thanks!
So to summarise we need to run the command make uninstall from the build-global folder of client-gnome and lrc ?