European DMCA and Jami plugging on Whatsapp, Signal etc.?

There is a lot of talk in Europe at this moment, revolving around the fact most chat applications like Messenger, Whatsapp etc. are now, by law, becoming interoperable -which means also interoperable with smaller guys like Signal and Jami.
I for one am obliged to currently maintain e. g. a Whatsapp account just because some associations and circles I belong to are already on it -a classical situation.
I feel like the coming into force of the European DMCA law against anticompetitive features is indeed triggering something, be it just the opening of external interface APIs.

My question, my dream indeed, is the following : is there any activity in the Jami development that heads to connecting to these APIs?
Ideally, this would allow me to just close my Whatsapp account and the likes, simply announcing people over there that from now on my new address for them on W. will become HerveJami@whateverwhatsappsyntax

This I think would be an extraordinary move, positive for both end-users and Jami the company, specially if we are the first ones to announce a working compatibility…

With all my wishes! :wink:

TBH I don’t want that Jami users can communicate with WhatsApp users and the other direction. WhatsApp for example generates and collects a lot of metadata:

And Signal won’t make it possible that you can use other messengers to send messages:

The only exception might be Element One:

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I agree with you @ECaptainRaj. If this were to happen, I’d be off Jami before anyone could say “goodbye”.


I wish exactly the same as Herve5. I think it’s great that there is an app like Jami, but unfortunately I’m the only one in my area who uses it. My contacts use WhatsApp and don’t want to switch away from it because others also use WhatsApp. And those others use WhatsApp, because their contacts are also using WhatsApp, and so on. If there are no plans for Jami to communicate with other chat apps in the future, I will unfortunately have to close my Jami account and say goodbye. Because I can’t keep talking to myself no matter how great this app is.

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