Failed to Transfer

Does anyone know of a way to improve file transfer reliability. Messaging seems OK but its pot luck if file transfer (and picture transfer) works. The work around I am using is for both sender and receiver to kill and restart Jami. Then one or two transfers will work before “Failed to transfer”

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A probably very silly question : you are aware that for the transfer to succeed both of you must be online at the same time?
This being due to the way Jami works, without a central server (so no one can switch Jami off)

This happens to me too, even when we are both online.

I think the problem is with one of the contacts phone. It happens when I try to send a file during a chat. I have tried iphone to iphone and images take much longer (10-15 seconds) than expected to be delivered via imessage - hence why I think it a handset issue.