Fascinating insight into Noise suppression / Echo cancellation

I have tried many peer-to-peer audio systems. I found Jami last night and had it working inside a 10-minutes. Thank you (Windows 10 both ends).

This might sound weird to you but I use my audio differently to most. I would like to switch off all echo / noice cancellation because I connect myself remotely to my ham radio station. My ears and fancy remote radio does the hard work in finding a signal - sometimes close to the noise-floor and picking it out.

Unfortunately, Jami does an excellent job of listening to the sounds - and considers what I want to hear sometimes as redundant noise and does a great job of trying to reduce it all!

But of course, I want the crud and everything LOL

QUESTION: Is there a command line option or a switch (that I can’t find right now) to completely switch off these “destructive” functions?

That’s the end of my observations. If readers are interested, I will continue just to explain how I use this… I run Chrome Remote desktop from Windows 10 - to another remote Windows 10 PC. I fire up all my radio equipment with some cloud relays that puts the mains on and finally, I connect my audio (with Jami, I basically just place a call with my other account as a phone call). Discord works very too (with 2 x accounts) since you can switch off all the fancy echo / noise functionality however there is more latency that I would prefer since it’s not peer-to-peer. On 4G as a hotspot, I have around 500ms delay on my voice transmissions but I can cope quite easily with that. When I finish speaking, I say “OVER” and press a button on my keyboard which stops my radio transmitting and puts me back into receive. It takes the operator on the other end (somewhere in the world) half a second or so to pick up their microphone and talk back - so latency isn’t an issue.

The real issue is when I might be speaking to someone and we suffer fading (quite normal on long distance communications) and their speech gradually reduces and of course Jami considers this as noise…

Often, I livestream my radio experiences on YouTube which is good fun. There is a large following of like-minded ham radio operators who also remotely control their ham radio station…

BTW, I normally use SonoBus but on 4G with Vodafone, it doesn’t work due to the implimentation of port forwarding etc…

Anyway, that is the application!

Have a great day and good work Jami Team for creating such a great iece of s/w.


Callum, M0MCX.


You should find hints about configuring Jami in the FAQ: FAQ — Jami documentation

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Brilliant. I looked hard - but not hard enough!

I believe this should fix it:

audioProcessor: null
automaticGainControl: false
voiceActivityDetection: false
noiseReduce: false
echoCancel: null

Have a great day!!


I wonder if someone can assist… Everytime I change the file as above, the file changes on first-run again to the default position… Should I make the file read-only or something…?

audioProcessor: webrtc
automaticGainControl: true
voiceActivityDetection: true
noiseReduce: auto
echoCancel: auto

Hello, if you try to change the file while jami is running, it might be overwritten