FDroid Jami version is 3 months old. Is there an issue?

The Google Play versions was released in November 5, 2020
Does anyone know the average delay between the Google Play release of Jami and the FOSS/FDroid version of Jami might possible be? Currently the FDroid version is 3 months old.

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The length of time between those can vary greatly, the main reason being that F-Droid builds every application from source on their server(s) themselves.

Currently there seems to be an issue on the F-Droid side holding things back:


@bandali That has to make for an “interesting” process. Would making your own Jami repository make a difference at all?
Here is an example from the NewPipe repository

How to Create a Repo


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“Interesting” indeed. :slight_smile:

We are considering setting up our own F-Droid repository, and whether or not it would help depends on where the hiccups with the flagship F-Droid repository are (in other words, how likely we are to run into the same issues based on how much of their tooling we use).

That said, I’m expecting and hoping it to be an improvement over the current state of things, and I will be looking into it more closely in the coming weeks.


@bandali That is great news! Thanks for the response. :sunglasses:

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Bonjour, j’ai installé jami sur android 5.1.1 via FDROID (boycott googleplay, pas de compte et n’en n’ouvrirai pas) comment obtenir la version together 20201113 ?

FDROID fourni free as in freedom 20200810_01 ?..

pas de possibilité de mettre à jour a partir de jami sur le smarthone ?

Merci pour votre aide

How is the current state about your own repository?
F-Droid version is still not updated. It says that the most recent update was 5 months ago.

I still haven’t finished setting it up; but working on it is a priority for me over the coming weeks.

Actually, as of today, the Jami package in the official F-Droid repository has finally been updated to the latest release (version 20201222-01)! That said, even though Jami is up-to-date on F-Droid again and I’m hoping it will continue to receive updates as usual, I still plan on setting up our own repo in case we run into similar prolonged issues with building Jami on the official F-Droid build servers for their official repo.

Many thanks to the F-Droid developers for giving me access to one of their community build servers so I could try and debug the build failures of Jami there.


It finally got updated : https://f-droid.org/fr/packages/cx.ring/ :tada: :tada:


Merci aux developpeurs de FDROID et Ă  vous @bandali
Pouvons nous supprimer notre compte google, ouvert spécialement pour télécharger jami qui n’était pas sur FDROID ?
Ou est il préférable d’attendre un peu, que vous soyez en mesure de contrôler les mises à jour de jami sur FDROID.


I heard that there was a new major release of Jami called “Maloya”, and I am waiting for it on F-Droid. Does anyone know when to expect it there? Is there an issue with build on their build servers currently, or we just need to wait until it is Jami’s turn to be built? Is there some kind of schedule for building on their servers which I can check?

I am very anticipating the new release, because I hope that it includes a fix for the issue with crashes on call.

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I’m not aware of any outstanding issues with the F-Droid package at the moment. There was a recent change in how the F-Droid package is updated, which caused a bit of confusion on our side for the release process. I’m hoping we will have a new android release tag added soon, which F-Droid should then automatically pick up and build over the coming days. :slight_smile: