Has anyone actually got Jami to work reliably?

I’ve been trying Jami off and on for years! Now and again it will work for a while but then messages stop going through or being received.

I’ve tried on various devices/platforms and various Jami settings (STUN, find local network on/off etc), local WiFi networks and mobile networks.

Sometimes changing settings or toggling account on/off seems to bring it back to life for a while but then it seems to go to sleep again, accounts don’t sync etc.

So anyway, has anyone got it working reliably over time? If so, what settings, platform etc.

I want it to work!!

Are you using MacOS?

Maybe also related:


Works brilliantly.



It’s Ubuntu 22.04 :+1:

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I have GNU+Linux Mint Cinnamon on an older HP Laptop. Tried it with some friends.

Takes a lot of power from the computer to encrypt, but it was a very nice feeling anyway and worked 95%. Sound was flawless.

However, I can not run OBS Studio and broadcast Jami with my old Laptop. So for this I prefer another open free P2P video chat, at the moment, without login to Google, Facebook or Github (Microsoft). (Not open, not free and probably surveilled).

Good luck in making your real friends as open and free as Jami! “Free as in Freedom”!

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I agree with the OP. I never had any luck. It has a non-intuitive interface. Maybe that’s why it is so hard to configure.

Hi JamiMan7!
I initially had a similar experience, until I realized I had to use the “X” to get out from the settings. This is “smartphone logic”. Try, and try again! Eventually you will get it!