Has anyone experience better connections with the latest update?

Before the 2022-01-21 update, Jami was unusable since once my IP address changed on one device or both devices, no more messages would get received to the recipient. However with the latest update, it will seem to now work. If IP address is changed it may take a few more seconds or a minute to receive the message but messages do get through.

I have done tests on two Android device using VPNs and a Linux desktop also using a VPN for this test and previous tests on older versions.

Has anyone else noticed this improvement on their end? And was there something fixed in the recent release on Android and desktop to improve connections?

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Hi there,

Desktop is very good for me.
IOS works also well .
Android still have some missing messages

In the evening I test it in house both android on same lan and then it works great.
The next morning I go to work and we start using Jami , in the begin it works good . after a time I lost a message.
When ibsend a message at that time it will also not visible or stay as last message.
Then I restart the app or phone and then the message show up.

It feels like the message arrive later by slower connection and then the problems start

But I start to think it happen most with android<>android.

android <>iOS and android <> Linux work good

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but there is much that is very good in jami.
Sending a file works perfectly and over LAN is so fast. Voice call works perfectly, and it always works.
I don’t use video call very much but when I use it it works well.
Sync between my laptop linux and android also works perfectly.
Restoring from backup works fine.
It is nice to see how all conversations are put back.

Just my above. message is very unfortunate and is really in the Android happening.
It will be great is that bug is gone… It is there now for 7 months.

One question: Can you reproduce?

I been mostly testing on Android and I noticed over a few days the same thing your describing were messages are lost or not sent/delivered. I also have my new messages not being my last messages anymore and it so bad now I have to scroll up to see the latest message.

I found last light I was unable to send or receive messages at all between two Android devices. I will have to do some more tests with desktop clients. There maybe some issues with the Android version that need to be worked out for Jami to work seamlessly.

I should also note I am using the F-Droid Android app on all of my Android devices.

Did you install previous versions of Jami before? Maybe not all contacts are Swarms (Desktop: left click → Details → Is swarm: True)?
Because you might delete the contact (Is swarm: False) and add the contact again.
So all contacts are Swarms (Is swarm: True).

This might be an issue:

I did a fresh install using 2022-01-21 on Android and Linux with newly made Jami accounts and started new conversations between my Jami account on my other Jami devices. No old Jami accounts were used in my testings and no older versions of Jami were used.

I’ve recently had issues sending and receiving messages and my contacts have as well. We’ve had to use outside channels to coordinate when we send messages and nothing is coming in. I’m using one GNU/Linux client and one Android client with the same account.

It would be great if both of you can get the logs and report this issue using gitlab:


I have a similar issue on a sip account’s on two different android phones in fact that’s why I’m visiting here today to post somehting about since appears to Jami send a different IP to the asterisk server and then no package at all go true !