Help for troubleshooting audio problems

Hello Jami Community,
I have been using Jami for several months, primarily for videotapes and voice calls. But I have just
encountered an issue where the audio on my calls cuts out intermittently.

These are my system details again
Operating System: Windows 10
Primary: Logitech USB headset
Secondary: built in laptop speaker
Right now I am preparing for Splunk Interview Questions and here are the steps I took to troubleshoot laptop speaker issue: First of all I checked settings, reinstalled Jami, also tested on other platforms like Zoom, Skype, despite these fixes the issue still persists. I am not sure if this is a bug in Jami or Commodity that I am overlooking in my setup.
Has anyone faced similar problems with Jami? If yes, how did you resolve them? Are there an specific settings or configurations within Jami that I should customize to improve audio quality? Could this be related to Jami is recent update or change?
Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions. I would greatly appreciate your help