Hide Self View: Part 2

Three years ago a request for the option to Hide Self View window overlay (not disable the camera/video, which STILL leaves a blank/black window over top of the remote video) was made. However, it has not been implemented. This is VERY MUCH a needed feature, ESPECIALLY for broadcast video producers like me. So many news outlets now use internet remote video calls today instead of dedicated satellite uplinks and remote video crews. Jami needs to join the party with the ability to go full screen WITHOUT chrome, overlays, etc. It’s ALMOST there! Just let us hide the self view and remove the blue outline around the remote video and professionals like me will be ecstatic!

It was suggested that we could set up an account as a Rendezvous Point in order to gain the ability to edit the Layout, which does allow one to hide the self view. However, this is NOT a viable workaround, because the layout is a GLOBAL effect, NOT a per-account/caller effect. That is, when someone configures the Layout, ALL participants get the SAME layout. NOT good for remote interviews where the remote caller needs to see the host caller full screen and the host needs to see the remote full screen (again, no chrome, gui, overlays, decorations, etc.)

PLEASE make the SAME Layout editing options for Rendezvous Point calls fully available in non-rendezvous point calls, ASAP! I need this NOW for a production next week. I’ll even take a Beta version to test for you.

As a Future Feature Request, you should mimic what the free product called TrueConf does. You can drag ANY video call source OFF the main interface as its own independent, non-decorated window that can be moved on to a second monitor and then set to full screen. PERFECT for broadcast news interviews, etc!

Thank you!