How anonymous is jami for instance about ip address?

I have not found jami documentation about how
anonymous you are when using jami. How
much information about your location does people you
have a conversation with on jami get? Can you make a
whois inquiry on a jami user? Does jami leak your ip address?
If so, does a vpn stop that? In jami I have not found a
socks5 box enabling use of tor.
There are people you do not want to be able to get pieces of information about you on the level a whois search
can display. For instance I once made a whois inquiry on
an irc chat. The location details it returned were such that I
stopped using irc if the irc chat does not accept tor. For instance
I read, that meet jitsi is not able to hide your location no matter if you
utilize vpn or tor. The only messenger supporting tor, I have
found, is qtox. Can jami get a socks5 box? Can I get a brief in plain language on jami and
anonymity? Also if jami does ip address leaking? Thanks.

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