How can jami be used on the local network?

I want to use Jami to make calls on our local self-developed platform. I capture packets so that the data reaches the other end through the self-developed platform. Users on both ends of the platform can detect that the other party is online, but when I make a voice call, it is delayed. The call request was not received for a long time and it keeps showing “Searching”. Does anyone know why? Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.

Did both side successfully bootstrapped?

Yes, both users are on the green light.

If you send a message?

Can you get the logs both side you will see where is hangs.

Hey @xjm612
It could be due to network issues, compatibility problems, or system performance issues. You can Try checking your network settings, ensuring compatibility with Jami, and optimizing system performance.
If you’re still having trouble so for help you can contact to Jami’s support community or your platform’s developers.