How do I get Jami on Arch Linux?


I have no clue how to get Jami working on Arch. There’s only two out of date AUR’s in the community repo, but both fail to install. Definitely don’t want to touch snaps, and equally disappointed it’s not available as a flatpak for ease of use. What’s the deal here? Why the lack of support? Jami could just release a flatpak and call it a day.

Has anyone got it working on Arch? If so, would you care to explain step by step how to do so? I really love this application and am bummed out to not be able to install it on Arch.


This is no real answer but hope it helps anyway:

As a 25+ year observer of Linux, the basic understanding is that if you pick a “distro” like Arch, that means you’re hard-core and not only ready to do a lot of tasks “by hand” yourself but want to do so. At least, that’s a perception that’s out there anyway.

Thus, it’s likely that many have the view “You dug your hole, so now you get to be in it!” (or similar metaphor of your choice.)

I’m pretty sure the path to get there is on the github repository, with directions, though I’m using Fedora myself and it has its own Jami “depo” and an RPM found therein works fine… Thus, I don’t have more answers for you.

Good luck,

All they had to do is support Flatpak instead of god awful snaps and call it a day. The entire Linux community, from Debian to Ubuntu to Arch would appreciate it, and it just makes more sense.

Did you try this?

This other:

Thank you so much. I had ZERO clue that this was available in the official repo rather than the AUR. I could’ve sworn I looked in there … I downloaded it and it works. Merry Xmas and God Bless!