How do I ... log in?!

hi all, i apparently managed to create an account some time ago (i do have user / password in my password manager), but now i open the app, and … well, there’s no way to actually LOG IN. the only options are:

  • import from other device
  • import from backup

how do i do that? i don’t even care about old conversations, i just want to log in …

can someone help?

A Jami account is an asymmetric encryption key. Your account is identified by a Jami ID, which is a fingerprint of your public key.

This password is used to protect the account archive in your device.

If you needn’t previous account, you can create a new account.

import from another device
On your previous device
Go to your settings.

Account > Linked devices

import from backup
Account > Manage account

Scroll to “Backup account”

Click it.

Then import the archive on your new device.

oh … damn. i don’t remember which device i created the account on … that would be annoying. thanks for the help, i will “look around” :slight_smile: