How secure is the account transfer on another device?

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I am new on Jami and am just starting to use it. I find the principle awesome :+1:t2:. Thanks a lot for the good initiative!

I’ve created my account and added it on other devices. I noticed that a password is given (or needs to be scanned as a QR code). I understood that the private key of the account is encrypted and sent to the network. Is this password used to encrypt the private key, or is there another way to exchange the key to the new device? Is it safe to use a single (small) password to encrypt a strong RSA key over the network?


Linking an account is changing. But the archive.gz is transmitted for now and this is AES encrypted. In a near future the DHT will only be used to initiate a P2P connection and the archive will be sent over the TLS session between the 2 devices.


Thanks a lot for the explanation :blush:

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