How to retrieve real IP address

From her Android Alice is chatting with Bob who has Jami installed on desktop: how could Bob do to get Alice’s real IP address? is there a command to run on the Linux terminal?

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It’s my understanding you could be running a local DHT node, and that node would contain the IP information. Or there could be a DHT proxy node, which wouldn’t reveal the IP address to the peer, but the node would know ‘who’. Not sure how secure or anonymous this design is.

According to the following wiki page the IP (as well as other possible means to communicate) is placed on the DHT network with a call request or with response to a call request so that it can be found by the other party. This request and response messages can be retrieved using API of the OpenDHT library, which implements the DHT network protocol.

I am almost sure that it is encrypted (and OpenDHT actually implements required encryption and message signing), but I did not dig into the source code to confirm it.