How to Transfer conversation history to another device?

Can I copy history.db file from my Windows account to my Android to copy/overwrite conversation history? Would this break anything? Both devices are linked to the same account.

history is synced across devices for swarms. So, no need to copy anything

Thank you - this might help to some, but I’m not installing swarms beta until all key bugs discovered and fixed. And swarms are not turned on when chatting with iphone users. Can someone please answer my precise questions about copying history.db? Many Thanks to All.

No you can’t copy the history.db, android doesn’t use it and this is not a thing clients should do

I imagine a complete backup-transfer-restore of Jami and all of its data on Android may be doable using backup programs like oandbackup, but to my knowledge all of these tools require a "root"ed device, which in the most majority of cases people don’t have.

Many Thanks to All. This makes sense. So for now I won’t transfer. I only backup my account and history.db on Windows, in case something happens to my computer. 1) Then I should be able to restore all data to another computer? 2) Any other Jami files I should back up?

I haven’t tried with the Windows version; but for GNU/Linux, yes, I have been able to successfully copy over my entire Jami settings and accounts from one computer to another. I believe the following section of the FAQ has a good list of various configuration/cache files of Jami:

On GNU/Linux I had copied over all of those from my old computer to the new one, and it worked fine.

Thanks a lot! 1) Is there a history.db file on Linux? 2) Is there anything that would prevent a user to move history from Windows to Linux? (I can’t try that yet, but would like to get Linux in future).

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

  1. Yes, on GNU/Linux history.db files are in the corresponding account directories in ~/.local/share/jami/.
  2. Not sure, as I don’t use Windows. If you want, you could try by copying those files to their respective locations on GNU/Linux and see for yourself. You could perhaps try in a virtual machine or Live USB if you don’t want to install a GNU/Linux distribution at the moment.

history.db should work on win, but the only important file is the archive.gz

The old history was not designed to be synced (that’s why swarm exists now), randomly playing with files is not a good idea.

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