How to use Jami with USB tethering?

Greetings, Jami Community!

I am a new Jami user. I use Jami on Trisquel (laptop) and Android (phone). I know Jami is peer to peer application so I expect it works with local network. However, I failed to do so as sending messages, voice calls, video calls, all failed. So, how to connect Jami between laptop and phone via USB tethering network?

  • Laptop OS: Trisquel 9.0
  • Phone OS: Android 5.1
  • Jami version: 2020-11-18 laptop, 20200810-01 phone

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Hello Malsasa,
Does the USB tethering network works on Ubuntu laptop, like on Windows in this video ?

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Hello, Firenze. Yes, USB tethering always works on Ubuntu laptop. I use it intensely whenever my Trisquel won’t connect with a nonfree wifi chip or whenever otherwise I cannot access the internet.

There is no reason it doesn’t work with USB tethering. However, in your use case, what did you test exactly. did you computer have access to or it was just a local network between your phone and your laptop?

In the second case, there is an option in the account settings: “Enable local peer discovery” that work like printers, by sending broadcast messages to bootstrap one device on another. However, for usb tethering, I think this option will not work. So, the way to connect is to manually change the bootstrap address to the other node’s address.

Also if you are in a disconnected LAN, you can disable “use TURN” as the turn will not be available.

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