I can't hear other side

I start to use Jami recently. I can’t hear the other side. Sometimes I can see them. We can text messages properly. Other side can not see me or hear me. It must be the problem with my web-camera. I install first ‘‘Cheese’’ (which was useless) and then I install ‘‘Guvcview’’ which is easier to handle and it shows me my camera is ‘‘USB 1.1’’ category (is it outdated now? it is 20 years old, I used that camera with no any problems before) I Dont use VPN or anti virus. I am using Linux Mint Cinnamon. I also installed Skype, but it failed to start. Anybody can give me some idea how to fix and what to do next? Ta!

Hi Guys do we have update on this,

They can here me but i cannot here the other side.

Your other peer might use another audio codec and/or you or the other peer does not have the same audio codec enabled.

(Same issue would happen if you don’t have the same video codec enabled)

Check your settings:
Open settings > Account > Advanced settings > Media

Thank you. I still can not hear the other side. I did what they advised me Guvcview is giving me warning ‘‘Invalid pixel format’’ ! How can I change that? What is valid pixel format in JAMI and how can I have it?? Any help will be much appreciated!

Maybe you can get the logs (remove personal informations like your ID) and report this issue using gitlab:


**I just wanted to add, the other side is using Kyocera A100 KC cellphone, is it compatible with JAMI ? I tried to google out, nothing, alas. Please can you help?! Perhaps Kyocera brand needs some audio codecs to install? Because, the other side can hear me now, I can just see the other side, but I don’t hear them? What seems to be the problem??! We are both recently started to use JAMI but now we are sort of desperate.

Which Android version are you using? You need at least Android 7.0.

Are you using the newest version of Jami?

You can download all versions here:

Please use Gitlab to report this bug - and maybe you can included the logs of both sides (remove or replace your personal informations like your identifier)