I want to support gentoo for building

Hey all, hope you are doing well today.

I’m currently building jami on my gentoo machine, and noticed that it’s not supported, so it can’t do things like automatically pull in deps. I’d be interested in contributing to bring support for gentoo, any tips on where to start?

Btw, love jami, congrats on building such an amazing application!


Maybe you can take a look at this

But only jami-qt in now officially supported and not jami-gnome anymore.

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Tarball releases aren’t essential for gentoo ebuilds, they can also be set to clone a git repository or up to a certain commit of a git repository. Plus, when I cloned https://git.jami.net/savoirfairelinux/jami-project , the python script can automatically pull in the master branch, or the latest stable release.

And as for the ring-overlay, it hasn’t been updated since May iirc and nothing builds, including the live ebuilds. But, I want to get the python script to recognize and support gentoo, and it would eliminate 99% of the overhead of maintaining any ebuilds, as you could just call the python script and let it do all of the work. I certainly do not blame the maintainer of the ring-overlay for not updating, writing an ebuild currently seems painful.

And I’m alright with that, I like Qt better regardless :slight_smile:

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You could start by copying the Arch PKGBUILDs, which are basically just bash scripts. They include a list of (Arch) dependencies that you could convert to the equivalent Gentoo packages. The Python script is not that great for distro packaging IMO

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Thanks for the reply! If you think it would be easier to make a gentoo package for it rather than update the python script, I can look into it. I can cross reference the current working PKGBUILDs (good thing ik a guy that makes em) and the last working gentoo ebuilds on the jami overlay. What makes gentoo more complicated than other distros are the use flags, cause they define what parts of the dependencies they require. And then add that to the few hours it takes to try installing

If I update/rewrite the jami ebuilds, I’ll submit a PR to the original repository, or maintain a fork of it if the maintainer isn’t to be found. I want to look into the guru project too, depending how it works I’d be interested in submitting it there too

I’m semi busy at the moment + haven’t written an ebuild nearly this complex. In the meantime I’d recommend fellow gentoo users to use the flatpak here at GitHub - flathub/net.jami.Jami or alternatively set up the guix package manager on your system