Ideas for a better file transfer experience

As I generally have to try typically 3 or 4 times to try sending files to another Jami user, can a setting be introduced to allow the user to set the number of times a retry a transfer or a retry duration?

So sending for a file or photo from User A to User B fails with eg “unjoinable peer”, Jami waits 30 seconds and retries but fails again, 30 seconds pass, Jami retries - this time it sends or Jamie waits 30 seconds and retries until the number of retries set in the settings is reached.


As above with a retry queue but the attempts are consecutive until successful for a period the user sets. The user sets 2 minutes, each time Jami fails an attempt will be made again until the user set time has been reached when the transfer is reported as failed unless the file transfer was successful.