Immediate crash on Ubuntu after update

The most recent version of Jami from the Ubuntu 20.04 repository (20220407.1934.924b928~dfsg1-1) crashes immediately on startup. I did try reinstalling, but this failed. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, thank you.

Can you provide any log/coredump?

Certainly! I made a log of the daemon and GUI at this Pastebin link (thank you for the explanation link):

I only removed some personal information from the logs. In the terminal Jami does appear to be running, so perhaps it is only a GUI issue? The widget is also unresponsive.

Scanning through the logs the main thing that stands out to me are a few BadDrawable errors starting around line 466.

mmh strange indeed. It’s seems to be the GUI and

qt.qpa.xcb: QXcbConnection: XCB error: 9 (BadDrawable), sequence: 680, resource id: 50331678, major code: 149 (Unknown), minor code: 4

Seems related.

More questions, is your hardware supporting Vulkan? What is your Desktop Env (the default one?) ? Also if you have a DE with Wayland does it work?

I am not too familiar with Vulkan, but I did pull the Vulkan instance version, 1.2.131. I suppose that implies my hardware does support it. I’m not sure if knowing the graphics driver will help, but I am running nvidia-driver-470.

I am currently running Qtile instead of the default (Gnome 3). I did try to boot into the default Gnome DE but ended up with the same issue. I do not have a DE with Wayland unfortunately, so I cannot test if it would work with it.

Ok, so 2 questions:

Can you change your repo to and update Jami. I did a version (20220408.1444.58d2b20) without Vulkan’s backend (Then go back to nightly)

If it doesn’t work, does works?

Both stable and the internal ones work, thank you so much! Switching back to nightly does bring back the problem however. So it seems the main issue was in Vulkan’s backend? For the time being I will stay on the stable repository and will test the nightly repository on subsequent updates. Thank you again for your time!

I guess a problem is in your driver or setup. Because you successfully draw vulkan surfaces (else, it will not show “Main window loaded using VulkanRhi”). you may have other problems with other apps.