Impossible to handle incoming calls

Hi everyone,

thanks first of all for this awesome piece of software.
I have installed today jami on my Notebook running Linux Mint 20.1. For that I have used the Option 1: “install Jami from official repository” approach, the version showing up on the about screen is: 202203230231.

I was able to setup my SIP account without any issues. I should say that I have used all default settings regarding codecs, etc. When I call anyone it works like a charm.
However when I get an incoming call I have a big issue: I see the notification to receive a call and when I accept it I cannot hear the caller, also he cannot hear me.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Try to get the logs and report this issue using Gitlab:


Could I make a suggestion, please? You might try installing from Snap rather than the repo.