Incoming messages not synced on Android/iOS devices

I have the same Jami account set up on two devices, an iPhone running iOS 14.4 & Jami version 3.12 (20210311) Together and an Android running 10 & Jami version 20210226-01 (from F-droid).

I was aware outgoing messages wouldn’t sync but recently realised not all incoming messages are synced on both devices, so parts of incoming conversations were missing. I’ve scanned the forum but haven’t seen this reported elsewhere.

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I am having this same issue. I’ll always get the messages on my desktop app, but only sometimes receive them from my Android Phone.

I have the latest version of both apps on both devices. I do wish all sent messages from my account synced across the devices as well.

Ok, thanks. I wanted to check it wasn’t just me and my setup.

Trying to keep an eye on it now I’m aware of it.

It seems to be the iOS device more often that doesn’t receive all messages.

I thought perhaps the device I was actively chatting on would be the one to receive all messages but that’s not the case.

I’m getting answers only on my Android app, not on my laptop (Ubuntu 20.04), even when I use the laptop to send. When changing the status on my Android phone to off line, the messages don’t arrive at all anymore.
On “Together” built on 2021-04-08 18:04:58 UTC

It looks like there must be an other factor in the game then the OS Jami is running on.