Invalid URI (PJSIP_EINVALIDURI) trying to use SIP account

Hi, I am testing jami 20210308 on my Arch box to see how well it serves as a SIP client but so far I am not getting far. At this point I am stuck with the registration.

In the account setting all I get is Connecting…. Other SIP clients work fine.

In journald I get:

sep 27 08:52:33 myhost dring[87031]: doUnregister VoipLinkException occurred: Registration structure is NULL
sep 27 08:52:36 myhost dring[87031]: Creating transport
sep 27 08:52:36 myhost dring[87031]: Recycling transport
sep 27 08:52:36 myhost dring[87031]: pjsip_regc_init failed with error 171039: Invalid URI (PJSIP_EINVALIDURI)
sep 27 08:52:36 myhost dring[87031]: VoipLinkException occurred: Unable to initialize account registration structure

The account credentials are along these lines:

SIP server: sipserver.lan
Username: 123@sipserver.lan
Password: xxx
Proxy: empty
Voicemail: empty

Arch Linux rolling, x86_64

Could someone please help?

Thank you, jose



it’s probably just 123

Thank you. Turns out I had “Use custom address and port” setting enabled but no address/port specified. Ideally Jami highlights such things so that user can get the clue more easily.

Please feel free to open a feature request issue about this on the jami-gnome or jami-qt bug trackers: