Is this chart accurate?

Is this accurate?

I would say yes - when it comes to Jami - not sure regarding Signal and Telegram.

If you need more information about the IP:

Signal is open source, or at least you can download an OS version. Then as concerns VPN I’d say any app can be used through a VPN, independently of what the app does.
Now if you are interested in these areas you may need to add Briar and Tox to your comparison, as Briar has it all (including a Tor networking) and both Briar and Tox are serverless.

(Two main issues retain them to compete though : they are more difficult than Signal to install, and they have wayyy less users than Signal and Jami.
Another criterion that often prevents adoption is all the niceties chat users are used to : more images, videochat, etc. On these everyone here is catching up, but with more or less delays, and the risk is, when you are late, users have evaporated elsewhere…
To me at this moment Signal is ahead because of more users, then Jami a close second. With all others, I merely saw a couple of test users no more…Time will tell…)

If you want to onion-route messages you should try Session (Url: )

Thanks, for your input. I was basing this on total users according to Google Play Store as Signal and Telegram have a huge user base - I thought the largest.

Though my team has had a few minor but nagging sync issues with Jami. “Waiting for the conversation to sync…” “Syncing Data…” and it doesn’t sync quite well across devices. Though we are not giving up on it and still looking at the forum for solutions.

What OS is your team using?

If you are using Windows 10 you need to launch Jami as an admin.
See: "waiting for contact" message in file share - #2 by ECaptainRaj