It works so much better now

Early 2022 me and my girlfriend looked for a way to voice chat on a platform away from the giant corporations. So we tried out Jami but were pretty unhappy with the sound quality and gave up on it after a couple of weeks. Maybe we could have done something to make it work better, but to be honest I don´t understand half of what I´m reading in here. :slight_smile:
Anyway tonight, 1.5 years later we decided to give Jami another go and it worked wonderfully.
So I suppose there have been some updates to the software during this time and I just wanted to say great work! And I´m happy to be back.


Hello Mats,

Thank you very much for the kind words! The team has been hard at work to improve the overall user experience on Jami, and we are glad our to read that our efforts are paying off.

Guillaume, Jami’s community manager


Oh yeah, Jami has updated and improved a lot since past years. Was going through updates on chat gpt and was impressed by how it has improved.


Hello Rabecca,

Thank you very much. We’re happy to read that Jami works better.
We are constantly working on it.
If you have any feedback to help us improve it, feel free to share your suggestions. :slight_smile:

Jami Community Manager