Jami Android seems not able to connect

  1. When I have version 20221202-01 installed, Jami can connect.
  2. When I update to version 20221207-01 or 20221216-01, Jami does not connect. I only see a blue loading circle spinning forever.
  3. When I clear data and try to load a backup of my Jami account, it is stuck at “Please wait while your new account is added…”.
  4. When I restart the app, a new account is created but not the backup one. Also it is unable to connect.

How do I get Jami to connect again in newer versions?


  • All apps are from f-droid
  • I tested on my Teracube 2e - e/os and also on Google Pixel 6a - Grapheneos, and both have the same issue.

I think a similar issue has been already created on Gitlab:

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FWIW, here, with android 20221216-01 on /e/OS (latest1.6, on a Fairphone 3) when launching Jami after this update my account seems retrieved but I get an immediate crash when clicking on the ‘invitations’ tab, and a crash anyhow after some 10s if I stay on the ‘Conversations’ tab…
(can I regress the version, and how?)

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Hi, just confirming that I’m having the same issue with both LineageOS 10 in a Moto E LTE (2015, surnia) and Android 7 on an LG-Q6, F-Droid version always. In fact, in Android 7 (LG-Q6) version 20221216-01 crashes at start.
Gonna check the linked issue in GitLab, but mentioning it here just in case.

Best regards!

I’m being unable to downgrade on F-Droid, BTW.

I think you could also use the Aurora Store to download older versions of GooglePlay apps but I guess F-Droid is the best solution.

Hi, thanks!
Is there a way to verify that AuroraStore APKs are exactly the same as Google Play Store ones and have not been tampered in any way?

I had a similar problem.

Account created with Google Playstore, Backup with Playstore-version. Since I have so many problems I wanted to try the fdroid version, import took forever, back to playstore versione and the import was done after a short time, lets say 1.2min.