Jami calls muted by call recorder

Hello everyone

I’m using jami on android 9, everything was working good until update 20230502-01. The updates above 20230502-01 brought issue to my jami. Now I cannot use Jami for calls, because jami calls are detected by my call recorder that occupies the microphone and prevent my friends to get my voice.
I tried to install other call recorders, butthe result was the same and jami is the only voip App that has interderence with call recorder. The other apps are working.
Please help

I noticed the same behavior in android 13

Maybe it is related to the Telecom API ?

But it’s been a long time since it has been implemented:

24363: call: implement ConnectionService Telecom API | https://review.jami.net/c/jami-client-android/+/24363

Not sure which call recorder you use? Are you trying to record a Jami call?

Any call recorder i use causes the same issue. I installed call recorder for normal calls only. But jami calls are muted for my friends by the call recorder that detects it like a normal call. The other apps (telegram, signal, …work without issue. )

Signal and Telegram have the API but don’t use it?

As mentioned:

Not sure if the Telecom API causes the issue?

Telegram calls work too and are not detected by call recorder