Jami DBus interface no longer avaliable after Arch Linux switched from jami-gnome to jami-qt

Hi all,
It has been a while I worked on my Jami bot. I decided to revisit it this morning. My previous bot project uses the DBus interface provided by jamid to send/receive messages. However, seems after Arch decided to switch from jami-gnome to jami-qt. The jamid disappeared form the jami-daemon package. And launching jami-qt does not make cx.ring.Ring available on my session bus/system bus.

How can I access the DBus API now? Is it deprecated?

The dbus API is still supported, however for performance reasons the Qt client now uses a single-process model.

Thanks for the reply. Does that mean I can’t run the Qt client and jamid at the same time? Or does both clients not conflict with each other.

The proper way would be plugins to do a chatbot (or ideally just jamid with a script on top of it),

But on Arch subject, basically we have two ways to use Jami (in fact more than two, but let’s summarize):

  • DBUS (will give 2 processes)
  • single-process (what jami.net release)

Generally, even in the second case the jamid binary still exists and is available for dbus, but on Arch I don’t think it’s the case:

I think the Arch packager disabled dbus recently for two reason:

  • It’s what we do on jami.net
  • dbuscpp is heavily deprecated (not maintained for nearly 10 years) and it doesn’t build on gcc 12

We may re-introduce a package like jami-dbus for jami.net (but we do not maintain packages for Arch Linux) but one other way would be to build jami from sources with ENABLE_LIBWRAP=False to use the dbus API by default (I think Arch has a way to build a package from sources (git packages)).

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