Jami Doesn't open after closing by the Task Manager Arch Linux Manjaro

When I close Jami from the Task Bar thing where all the icons are like the volume on. I close it there and come to open it again. Doesn’t open. I have to do a computer restart EVERY time I close it. Any ideas on how to fix this? If you do thanks so much!

Could you show a screenshot of how you’re closing it? It sounds like you’re right clicking on the system tray. Windows, Linux, or Mac?

Sorry @homebrewuser I just saw that you said you use Manjaro in the title. The tray with the icons is called the “system tray” in Linux.

As a temporary workaround to avoid rebooting, you should be able to kill the process using a process manager. For example, open a terminal, run htop, find jami or jami-gnome, and press F9 and then Enter to kill the task.