Jami for Android - some glitches

I have an Android 5.0 phone.
I can’t edit the profile name. Also, I had a video call last night and the other fellow couldn’t listen to me. We could see each other and I could hear him, but he couldn’t hear me.

I know this is too vague of a bug report, but… I can’t really say much more.

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Also, there seems to be some “session” (or whatever) stability issues.
What I mean is that I’ve noticed that sometimes it seems people don’t receive my messages and neither do I receive theirs. After a while I found out that I have to go to the “account” options section and tap the “online” switch back and forth a couple of times, let it work on it for a few seconds, and then it turns green and suddenly my messages start going and coming.
I also made a “clone” account to test this and many times, supposedly both of the accounts being online, I message or call one from the other, and it doesn’t go through, until I do that same “procedure” again, and THEN it works…

I have the same sometimes,
For me work work your work around turn online off and on.
But also forse close the app and open it again. i do this in the morning and it wil work for the rest of the day perfect.
i have also the idea when you write a message and click send and direct close the app (switch to a other app) gives also problems.
When i make a call it stay on searching but my workaroud for that is send first text and make then the call.
It looks like the app fall in sleep ?

Last weeks this problem is almost gone

i am trying the app as well, and also i can’t use the “pen” icon to edit my profile name.
Android Jami Version : “Together - 2020 12 22-01”
on a

  • Android 6 - Huaway P8 / EMUI 4.0.3.
    and on
  • Android 10 - Samsung Galaxy 71 / Versie One UI 2.5

But im really pleased with this app being 100% decentralized & floss!
I hope more people will join on Jami


Bonjour @rtwin

[quote=“rtwin, post:4, topic:401”]
can’t use the “pen” icon to edit my profile name.
[/quote] : essayez avec le compte hors-ligne, le nom serar mis à jour sur le réseau distribué gnu jami en vous connectant à nouveau après modification du nom sur votre appareil.
Désolé mais nous ne maitrisons pas l’anglais à l’écrit :wink:

Bravo pour cela ! Bienvenue en “zone libre” :slight_smile:

translated using google

try with the offline account, the name will be updated on the gnu jami distributed network by logging in again after changing the name on your device.
Sorry but we do not have a good command of written English: wink:

Actually, it’s only the “pen/edit button” on the android profile settings page, which is not responding. you see it highlighting when pressed, but there is no edit windows appearing.

Hi @rtwin, I had this issue too and I made a bug report: https://git.jami.net/savoirfairelinux/ring-client-android/-/issues/888

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Jus for people here to see;

It’s fixed :heavy_check_mark: ( Jami android update ‘Together - 20210210-01’ )

Hello. I’m using:

Android 9
Amazon Fire 7 (9th generation)
Jami verson Taranis - 20220121-01

The bug report at https://git.jami.net/savoirfairelinux/ring-client-android/-/issues/888 is marked closed. However I’d like to report that I’m experiencing this issue.

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Me too, and this led my family to refuse to start using Jami, ending at Signal.
I hope that Jami team will resolve this bug, I like concept of Jami more than one of Signal.

I have made a post about it 17 days ago, and no reply. So at least I am glad that I am not alone.

I think the fix of issues regarding Android can take time

Just create a new issue

New issue created: