JAMI in the network without Internet connection

Hello everybody! I am trying to setup JAMI in the network without Internet access. Network have 5 IP subnets (UDP peer discovery probably will not work). In 2 subnets I have Windows 10 with JAMI clients, in 2 subnets Android phones with JAMI (not connected to the Internet). As a bootstrap & proxy node I have Debian 11 in separate subnet with DHTNODE package according to Running a node with dhtnode · savoirfairelinux/opendht Wiki · GitHub
My parameters in /etc/default/dhtnode is DHT_ARGS=-p 4222 --proxyserver 8000
I want my devices to communicate only with each other, so I don’t bootstrap from bootstrap.jami.net

My windows 10 clients works, Android clients don’t work at all. For all clients I have bootstrap node and DHT proxy ( is a dhtnode server). Other parameters disabled.
What is wrong in my setup? How to make Android clients workable?
Thank you in advance!

Is push notification enabled (it probably shouldn’t as you don’t have the certificate unless you’re hosting a unified push server or rebuild a version with a firebase key).?

I don’t configure anything for push. Just install JAMI for android, disable UPNP, STUN, TURN (all my nodes can communicate without any NAT). And I set bootstrap and dht proxy to my dhtnode (installed from debian package).

When it comes to push:

Where did you get Jami on Android? From F-Droid or GooglePlay (you can also use the AuroraStore)?

Because the PlayStore version uses Firebase/Google push notifications:

I install Android version from F-Droid. During installation I don’t receive any messages about distributor.
I also would like to clarify - I always keep JAMI client on the phone open in foreground. My problem is not related with “sleeping” JAMI client.

Still, what is the settings for push (top right, advanced settings, push notifications)

I am not sure, where to check settings for push. Can you please advise? I don’t configure anything for push. I check top right corner of JAMI app. It only have “Notifications visibility” (translating from Russian) No push settings.

It should be just below the notification visibility.

Also with adb it’s possible to get logs. So it should announce if it’s using a push token. If so, it should be disabled to work on a closed environment

Please see my screenshots. I don’t see push settings. Should I try JAMI apk from another source? How to manage push notifications on Android?

It’s latest FDroid? I can’t check for now, but as they have support for “UnifiedPush” the button should be there.

Also I’d enable “Run in background” (and you can disable DHT Proxy in account settings, so that it will remove the question of push for sure)

This time I install JAMI client from Google Play and now it has “Push notifications” switch. I configure clients exactly as you suggests. Now I can chat between Android and Windows 10 in both directions and can call from Android to Windows 10, but if I will call from Windows 10 to Android, Android cannot pick up call (same situation for video and voice-only).
JAMI continue to ring, after some time it shows timeout and Android client hangs - I have to reboot phone to make JAMI workable again. I create setarate topic for this problem.

Sébastien, thank you very much for you help !!!