Jami not connecting

Have installed Jami on a Windows 10 PC (Version: 202211101600). The online connection status keeps changing from a red dot to an orange one. Never green. I assume this means I am not connected.

I have yet to try to chat with someone else.

I have Wickr Me and that works fine, I am trying to find something to replace it.

I would be grateful for any ideas on how to get the connection status to green.


I don’t have any connectivity issues and I am using Windows 10.

I suggest you try out the following ideas:

  1. Get the newest beta version: Index of /windows
    Same issue if you use the newest beta version?

  2. Did you enable TURN (all clients)?

  3. Maybe the internet access is blocked (just for Jami?) because of the firewall and/or any antivirus?

  4. Try to launch Jami as an admin.

If that doesn’t help maybe the developers reply to this post or you create a new gitlab issue: