Jami not reliable.... Messages does not arrive or arrive in incorrect order or too late

I tried two times in different moments to use Jami to communicate with my family but it does not work well.
I explain my situation:
I left whatsapp and I changed to a degoogled android. I had the aspiration to change my communications to an e2e open source whatsapp alternative. Jami was my first try because it’s a GNU project backed by the Free Software Foundation. But for my surprise I found that trying to use Jami between familiy members it was not a success. (I download on most devices Jami from f-droid store. Now using version 20201222-01
What I mean?
For example: Person A said Hello to me, but I never received this. But when I wrote to A he does receive my message.
Other example: Person A said to me first “Hello”, then “How are you?” And I received in the reverse order. First, how are you, then, hello.
Other example: Message does not arrive until the other person is online for a while.


Nice that you try to use Jami.
In the begin i have the same problems, but not all your problems are bugs.

Your first example i have it sometimes after a night , looks like the app go in sleep.
With f-droid you dont have push notifications so maybe turn off battery optimalisation for Jami.

The second wil happen if you send quick more messages in a minute. this wil be fix when swarm is done and i think it wil be quick done/

The last example is also normal, jami is P2P that means both members must be online .

For me it is perfect working at the moment IOS <> Android
and i think it wil be beter when swarm/groupchat is done.