Jami not ringing on android after a certain time asleep

After a certain amount of time asleep (30m?), the app won’t ring. I’ve checked with wireshark and see the SIP packages being sent from asterisk but no action from the phone.
When the phone is awake, I am able to make and receive calls. That would suggest, it is an android issue, some setting that is wrong?

For SIP, you will need push notifications configured from your asterisk server or run in background enabled in the client (else, android will kill it)

If push notification is enabled, Jami will follow RFC 8599 (RFC 8599 - Push Notification with the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)) and send pn-provider(fcm/apn for android or apple)/pn-param(not used)/pn-prid (device token) in the Contact header:

And then, the asterisk server must be configured to send a push notification (there is some example of scripts if you search “RFC 8599 + asterisk”),


This seems to describe my problem exactly and I will see if I can implement a solution. Thank you sblin for pointing me in the right direction.