Jami not running with NordVPN

I’d like to keep using Jami but I can’t get it to run with NordVPN on Windows 10. I have seen only similar issues here saying there were problems with VPN and Jami but couldn’t find an answer to this. Since NordVPN is one of the major VPN providers, it might be worth raising this point.

I’ve tried different protocols, TCP, UDP on OpenVPN etc., disabled ipv6, obfuscated servers, but whenever I try Jami my internet connection gets interrupted, including all other apps. This does not happen with other VPN or without VPN, or with NordVPN and other software. It seems to be a specific combination of NordVPN and Jami. Is there a way to get both running?

What I can say is, on my side with the French FDN VPN (of which I think you can try a version for free, intended for foreigners in critical situations) Jami works perfectly well.
Standard default connection settings on Debian 11.

Just confirming this is an issue for me too, although I managed to re-load NordVPN and get it running again after opening Jami and re-establishing internet connection.

I’ve set the split tunneling in NordVPN app to disable vpn use for Jami to see if this helps.