Jami often Not Responsive on Windows 11

Hello, I’m eager to try Jami out and see if it’s a solution for me and my company. However, the Windows 11 app is mostly “Not Responsive” whenever I go to use it. It’s basically not functioning and can take a few minutes just to click any menu item. It seems to work fine on Ubuntu and my Android phone.

Windows System Info
Windows 11 Pro Version 22H2
Processor Intel(R) Core™ i7-10710U CPU @ 1.10GHz 1.61 GHz
Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 with Max-Q Design
RAM 32.0 GB
Computer MSI Prestige 15 A10SC

I just used Jami on a new Windows 11 PC but I didn’t had this issue (but I used an older (unsupported) CPU?).

Actually there would be one workaround:
You could use the WSA of Windows 11 and use the Android version. - But the Android version actually has less progress.
(Tutorial: Windows 11 WSA — Easiest Way to install Google Play Store - YouTube; You need version 2206.40000.15.0-pico-Release-Nightly (new versions don’t allow you to sign in to your Google Account) )

I suggest you use Gitlab to report this issue:



My second idea:

Does this behaviour change if you launch Jami as an admin?

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Wow yes the admin thing seems to fix it! Thanks for the tip. Maybe this can be fixed in a future update. I was about to give up on the app.

@samhakes BTW: I suggest you always launch Jami as an admin if you want to transfer files.

I didn’t try out on Windows 11 but Windows 10 does NOT allow you to transfer files from another drive if you didn’t launch Jami as an admin: