Jami-qt added to arch community repo

Hello, just wrote in to say that I learned today jami-qt was in the official arch repos (community iirc). On your website it lists an AUR package as the way to get the qt client, so I thought I’d write a post letting y’all know


This is great news!

I’ve renamed the AUR version to jami-qt-git and it works now with the corresponding jami-daemon-git and libjamiclient-git.

Keep in mind that there may be more churn in the near future because upstream renamed a few things (e.g. libjamiclient is now jami-libclient).


Thanks for that! I have also noticed that jami-qt and jami-gnome in the official repos cannot be installed side by side, because they both install the same shell script /usr/bin/jami. Removing that file manually after installing one lets the other install seemingly problem free. I don’t know how I’d contact the maintainer of those packages, so just putting it here in case he sees

Yeah that’s an issue with the upstream package mostly. We don’t know the best way to resolve it without rewriting the script so for now you can’t install them side-by-side.

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FWIW for the deb packages we distribute on dl.jami.net, at the moment we discard the script from the jami-gnome sources and keep the one from jami-qt: https://review.jami.net/plugins/gitiles/jami-project/+/fc62f4a91f6761fb5e92cfecc14a5802b8249ca4/packaging/rules/debian/rules#183

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