Jami-qt as default client

I just updated Jami and could see that it now defaults to jami-qt instead of jami-gnome. But at least on my system (Devuan) the qt client seems much slower and can go so far as to hang my computer. Has anybody else had the same experience?


I believe there were some performance issues on jami-qt a few weeks back, but the team has been working on addressing and resolving them. Please keep updating Jami to latest nightly releases, and let us know (either here or via the bug trackers on https://git.jami.net) if these issues persist in the coming weeks.

In the mean time, jami-gnome is available as a separate package if needed.

Thank you, I will do that readily for I now have both versions installed. I guess this change means that jami-qt is henceforth recommended?

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Yes, development of jami-qt will be the main focus of the team, though jami-gnome will continue to be maintained for the time being as well. I believe there will be a blog post on jami.net in the coming weeks that will touch on this.

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All right. As I already use the latest versions for both qt and gtk from dl.jami.net, I will run some tests and report back the results here. Thank you!

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  1. In the end, top reports about the same performance for both clients, namely 120%CPU for dring and 50%CPU for either jami-qt or jami-gnome upon creating a rendezvous point and calling myself. Is this what’s expected?
  2. jami-qt: I miss the close-window button that is provided by jami-gnome.
  3. What is the purpose of the icon below my user name? Nothing happens upon clicking on it, at least on my system.

Thanks again, – Robert

Do you mean the one on the top left with the Jami logo, clicking which opens a popup menu with “Keyboard shortcuts”, “About”, and “Quit”? Or do you perhaps mean the close button on the top right hand side where the window decorations usually are? (close, maximize, minimize)

The small circle that’s green, orange, or red? That’s an indicator of your presence on the network, with green meaning that you are present on the network.

Rather the one on top right that is below the window decorations:


As you can see, those are pretty small in some window managers as awesome-wm. Another option would be jami-qt to close unpon clicking on the icon that is in the system tray or the system tray icon to provide a basic menu as with jami-gnome.

No, I meant the one that is below my username in the middle of the right side of the window:


EDIT: I just realized that it copies my user name! Sorry for the noise about this.


Oh I see. To my knowledge those 3 large buttons are GTK-specific (and so specific to jami-gnome). As I understand it, jami-qt acts like any other regular program’s window, leaving window decorations such as the title bar and its buttons to the window manager to figure out. I could try looking into making left-clicking the tray icon close the window, but that could get confusing, because on some desktop environments there is no distinction between left-clicking and right-clicking the icon (and right-clicking the icon currently brings up a menu with a Quit option). Perhaps we could add a ‘Close’ option to that menu but I’m not sure how useful that would be.

Alternatively, I would suggest looking into awesome-wm’s configurations to see if it allows customizing how it makes title bars look.

Hope this helps!

Thank you. I am not sure how useful a right-click then close option would be either. So I wil use Mod4-Shift-c as provided by awesome to close jami-qt window. That said, it remains that left-clicking on the icon does nothing on (most? I wouldn’t say) Linux window managers.

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Actually, yeah I must say I think very few desktop environments actually do that, albeit they may be quite popular ones. So I think it may not be fair to hold out from adding this feature that users of most other desktop environments / window managers / system tray implementations could benefit from. So I’ll investigate this a bit further to see what can be done. If adding a left-click close action on the tray icon doesn’t interfere with the menu display on those desktop environments then I’ll send a patch for it.

That would be great, thank you!

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It turns out that there’s already an action bound to clicking the icon, namely restoring the window if it was previously closed. So I just had to tweak the logic to close the window if it’s already open and focused.

I’ve sent a patch at https://review.jami.net/c/jami-client-qt/+/18185.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Excellent, thank you!

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