Jami recognizing virtual cams

Hi guys,
Congratulations for all Jami team!
There is a resource very useful for us that must use Obs-studio and others software thats deliver its contents through a virtual cam. We need that Jami recognize virtual cams.

In fact it “does”.


Jami doesn’t care if it’s a virtual or real camera, it just use the system API to list cameras and you can use it. This is the role of OBS to create fake cameras that can be considered as real cameras for other software. And they already have a plugin for that.

I tried obs studio + https://github.com/CatxFish/obs-v4l2sink (the plugin to create virtual cameras from OBS on GNU/Linux). obs-virtualcam can be used for windows

This generate a new video device available on all applications “/dev/video2” on my computer

However, they don’t generate a SERIAL_ID as a fake camera so it’s dropped by Jami. Anyway, I did a patch, https://review.jami.net/c/ring-daemon/+/16429 so for GNU/Linux, it will be fixed on next update

Then, in media settings, you can select “Dummy video device (0x0000)” and the virtual camera from OBS will be shown in Jami

This tip help me. I just install v4l2loopback-utils and solve the problem.

Hi Sblin,
Ok. I have more than one computers. Every each running Debian Buster.
In on it worked, after install v4l2looopback-tools that added also snapd together. but in the others 3 not.
So, would you help me how to apply this patch on a Debian?


If you use our repo (from dl.jami.net) to install Jami on Debian, you can updated to the newest release (from last night), which should include the changes from the patch @sblin mentioned earlier.

Many many thanks! Jami now recognize the virtual cam and works fine.
Congratulations. I am preparing an article and more thinks to publish about Jami.


As I sow, here is the article: https://delinux.com.br/en/blog/what-software-do-you-use-to-communicate-teach-meet-and-work