Jami spell-checker

Hello everybody,
Is there any way to add a spell-checker, like aspell or hunspell for GNU/Linux, in Jami ?


Yes, this is a needed feature. Probably not too difficult for the GTK gnome client but the QT client will be different because it needs to compile on multiple platforms (macOS, Windows, Linux).

I don’t know of a way to do it without changing the source code but you can create an issue for it if you want.

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I suspect the issues will be on the phone versions…

Hello @Firenze,
What does it mean in french ?

il aimerait un correcteur orthographique. Wrycode indique qu’il y en a plusieurs open source sur Linux qu’il serait facile d’intégrer, et je signale que ce sera peut-être moins facile sur Android ou iOS

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@Herve5 on iOS and Android I think spell-checking is there already. It is handled by the OS for all text input. You can configure this by changing the keyboard settings or installing a new keyboard.

I meant that it might be more difficult to implement spell-checking on the new QT desktop apps (Linux, macOS, Windows), because the spell-checking software (like hunspell) has to work on all 3 platforms. Because they all use the same QT code.

Otherwise the code will have to use a different spell-checker depending on which desktop OS it is running on. But it’s still doable, just a little harder.