Jami update issue on Debian 11

Hello everybody,
this morning i updated jami using the repository for debian 11, https://dl.jami.net/nightly/debian_11 jami InRelease.
Somehow, the updates broke the installation, the jami package was uninstalled, and if i try to install it manually using apt-get install jami i get the following error:

jami : Dipende: jami-libclient (= 20220320.0836.fdd4c45~dfsg1-1) ma non è installabile
But jami-libclient seems correctly installed, if i try to install it i get:
jami-libclient è già alla versione più recente (20220320.0836.fdd4c45~dfsg1-1). The message says that the package is already the latest version.

Thanks for your help.

Same setup with Debian 11, I updated with sudo apt update and sudo apt upgrade, in that case the new packages are not installed (so nothing broken but no update).

With Parabola, also something strange (I did not write down but I remember it wanted to install jami-qt but if I said yes it couldn’t due to missing dependency).

I think this is the same issue:

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Yes, it definitely looks like the exact same issue. Thanks! I’ll just have to wait then :slight_smile:

Hi all,

Sorry for the breakage. I tested and pushed a change which I believe fixes this, and did new nightly builds for all the deb-based distros a few hours ago.

Please try sudo apt update followed by upgrading your existing Jami packages (or installing jami or jami-gnome again) which should now pull in (or upgrade to) the right libclient package.


thanks for the fast fix, i can confirm it now works correctly.


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In addition, I’d like to report that ArchLinux dropped jami-gnome, there is only jami-qt now. jami-qt has a dependency on qt6-webengine which is blacklisted by Parabola (includes not entirely free software), so jami-qt can’t be installed on Parabola. Besides, the old installed jami-gnome fails to work.

It would be nice if the dependency on qt6-webengine could be removed.

Thanks. That issue indeed is (and has been) on my radar. I haven’t had a chance to tackle it so far, but one of the other Jami developers recently wrote a related patch for disabling the webengine on another operating system for different reasons. My hope is that with little more effort the same could be adapted for use on GNU/Linux as well, so that distros like Parabola that don’t ship the webengine could package jami-qt. I’ll keep y’all updated here on the forum as to how that goes.